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Are my Certifications/Security License Transferable?

Unfortunately, the certifications and license that you get for New York State, is only good for New York. If you plan to move out of state and you are looking to continue your career in the security field, you will need to get certified for that specific state.

My Security Guard License Expired, What Do I Do Now?

If your Security Guard License has expired, please check the expiration date. The Division of Licensing Services (DOS) gives everyone a six month grace period from their expiration date to get their training courses in as well as their renewal form with the necessary fees. Once you have passed that six month grace period, you will be required to just get your fingerprints done over and submit a new application to receive a new license.

My Security Guard License Is Coming Up For Expiration, What Do I Do To Renew It?

When you're coming up for expiration, The Division of Licensing Services (DOS) will send you a renewal letter in the mail about two months prior. On this renewal form, it will inform you of all of the courses you need to complete. Once you complete the required courses for them, you will fill this paperwork out and re-submit to them with their required fee. Please note that if you have moved since you received your license, they will mail this renewal form to the address they have on file.

What Do I Need To Bring To Class With Me!?

  • A Picture ID (Government Issued Photo ID Or School ID. **For those coming in for an 8 Hour ANNUAL, You MUST have your security guard license with you!**

  • Your Social Security Number (If you know the number by heart, there is no need to bring the card. However, if you do not know the #, please write it down or take a picture of it and bring it with you)

  • A copy of your Payment Receipt if you paid online (If you do not have a printer, please either have it accessible via email on your phone or a clear screenshot of it.)

  • A pen and Notebook/Notepad for notes


If I Cannot Make It In And Need To Reschedule, What Do I Do?

Please call our office and speak with one of our representatives. We will tell you the next available dates, and get you rescheduled. *Please note that if you need to be rescheduled and paid online previously, your payment will still be valid*

I Am Taking My 8 Hour Annual In-Service Training Course With BSI, How Soon Do You Send The Information In To The State?

ALL security training schools have 7 days to get the paperwork to the state. However, we here at BSI get the paperwork out to them within 1 to 2 business days. Once the state has it, it takes them about 2 weeks to actually process it in their system

I Need To Complete Two 8 Hour Annual In-Service Training Courses To Renew My License. What Do I Do?

Please visit the calendar for the 8 Hour Annual In-Service Training Course and register for 2 different dates. You, unfortunately, missed an annual from the previous year, so in order to get your license renewed, you will need to complete two courses on two separate dates.

How Many Days A Week Is The School Opened?

BSI at the Long Island Training Center is open 7 Days a week

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